Dr. Walter L. Bowers, Sr., Pastor

Greetings to All,

God has shown us in His word that He is the only one who can build a house and allow it to stand. We are blessed here at New Bethel. God has provided a place for us to worship Him and has indeed allowed this place to stand in His name for more than a century. I am grateful to the Lord for His patience with us during these current years.

I also thank Him for all that He has done through the saints. Your dedication to living the life of Christians and willingness to follow the leadership of the Holy Ghost has helped us accomplish a number of different goals. Let me now applaud you for your steadfastness and love for one another. Without love for each other, all that has been done or will be done is in vain. I encourage you to continue in the love of Jesus and set new goals that will cause people, who are yet to be saved, to be drawn to the light of Christ. I salute you with great joy and am quite elated to know of your spiritual growth.

Finally, no matter what has been accomplished or what shall be done, remember that nothing can be done except the Lord permits. Let us all lift our spirits to God as one and let Him know that we are sincerely thankful for His permission of this celebration. As you seek to accomplish more, be sure to gain a greater understanding of the Lord. As a result, you will be better spiritually.